GoPro Hero 8

Is it the Perfect Vlogging Camera?

Oct 08
GoPro Hero 8 Jayesh Mahato

GoPro releases its awaited GoPro Hero 8 alongside GoPro Max in September 2019 for pre-order. So what’s new with the GoPro Hero 8? Is it better than Hero 7? Is it a perfect Vlogging camera? Is the battery worth it’s upgrades and attachments? When are the attachments going to be released? Is the shotgun mic any better than the market leading shotgun mics like Rode? It the extra screen worth the extra bucks and battery drain? Do we really need a flash video light? What about Hyper-lapses, timewarp, hyper smooth? What about the field of view and how many? All these and many more questions arises in our mind when think of the new GoPro Hero 8. Let’s ponder over some of the product features to search for answers within.

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